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Light from semiconductors: cleaner, cheaper, smarter

January 29 , 13:00 14:00

Speaker: Prof. Piotr Perlin
Affiliation: Institute of High Pressure Physics “Unipress”, Warsaw, Poland

The end of the last century and certainly the beginning of the present one, can be called a material’s era. New materials, searched for their unique properties, enabled the invention of totally new technologies. This is exactly what happened with so called nitride semiconductors, materials which look like diamond and perform like semiconductors. Their unique ability to emit light across the whole visible spectrum gave optoelectronic engineers the tool to create a new world of lighting application. In this presentation I will discuss the construction and operation of both nitride light emitting diodes and lasers diodes, showing how long route we have made since the times of Edison’s carbon or tungsten filament.

Seminar language: English

Chairman: Ireneusz Weymann

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