About the seminars

The seminars Modern Trends in Physics Research have a form of open colloquia, during which distinguished speakers present their research in a manner accessible to a broad audience of both researchers and students.

The colloquia take place every Wednesday at 13:00 and last usually 45 min. with additional 15 min. for discussion. The informal meeting and the discussion between the lecturer and other participants start 30 min.

The first MTPR seminars were initiated in 2008 by Adam Miranowicz, Maciej Krawczyk and Michał Banaszak. Since that time, over 500 talks have been presented within Modern Trends in Physics Research.

We strongly encourage all researchers and students to participate in the seminars.

The proposals of lecturers can be sent to the organizers: Sławomir Breiter, Jacek Gapinski, Jarosław W. Kłos, Ireneusz Weymann.

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