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60 years of integrated circuits – on revolution in microelectronics

March 11 , 13:00 14:00

Speaker: Prof. Marek Godlewski
Affiliation: Institute of Physics, Polish Academy of Sciences, Warsaw, Poland

Approximately 60 years ago, in 1961 first integrated circuits (ICs) were commercialized. These ICs contained a few of transistors. Presently modern ICs contain more than 109 of transistors documenting unbelieving progress in the microelectronics. The progress led to new generations of personal computers and resulted in consumer market counted in hundreds of billions of USD (about 1011 USD). We witness a real revolution in information techniques and modern equipment.   

In my talk I will shortly present history of transistors and ICs, discuss their new generations and possible direction of future developments. I will also discuss a new revolution in microelectronics related to introduction of so-called high-k oxides as gate insulators

Seminar language: English

Chairman: Ireneusz Weymann

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